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Use our car care Reference Library to research any car repair or maintenance question. You need never again walk into a car service experience lacking the knowledge to make a good decision.


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Tire Care Tips -- Want to save money and improve driving safety? Take care of your tires with these easy-to-follow tips.

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Six Secrets for Dealing with Insurance Companies -- When it comes to repairing your car after an accident, your insurance company may not be telling you all you are entitled to know.

DIY at the Self-Service Pump Doing underhood checks at the gas pump is vital to your car's well being. Here's a checklist.

Roadside Emergencies Knowing what to carry in your vehicle to help you cope with roadside emergencies can help keep a minor catastrophe from becoming a major hassle.

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The oil on the dipstick can tell you a lot. It should be honey colored or light brown. Black oil indicates you’re overdue for an oil/filter change, frothy buildup indicates contamination by water and metal particles mean an engine check up is needed.